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Apostolic Manifesto by Art Katz

Excerpts from Art, who was a Messianic Jew:
Israel’s restoration is the issue of the King and His Kingdom. God is not restoring them because they deserve a homeland after long centuries in the Diaspora, but their restoration is the coming of the King so that “law might go forth out of Zion, and the word of the Lord out of a Jerusalem” (Isa. 2:3), a redeemed and restored nation. That is why the powers of darkness will be in such a fit and frenzy of opposition to anything that pertains to Jewish rescue, salvation, and redemption in the last days.

The issue of Jewish restoration is the issue of the Kingdom of God, and the powers of darkness are the false usurping rulers of this world and do not want to relinquish and forsake that usurping activity, which they have enjoyed in an unchecked and uncontested way since ages millennia. It is the coming of the King as the One seated on the throne of David in the holy hill of Zion, with the redeemed and restored Israel that marks their end. We need to know this final drama, or we will not understand the frenzy and the rage that will be poured out upon Jews in the last days. The powers of darkness, in their corrupt and perverse wisdom, recognize that the only way to avert the threat to their false rule is by annihilating the Jews, whose return would terminate them.

The “time of Jacob’s trouble” that concludes the age and brings Israel’s King and His rule over the nations will be a time of sifting and chastening. The church must recognize and accept the ultimate requirements of such a task and willfully adopt the coming times as central or primary to its whole purpose for being. We must consciously be aware and take hold of these tasks for ourselves, willfully. You do not come to this through osmosis. We need to recognize what these last days mean as they pertain to the people of Israel, as well as the role and function of the church toward this people. In fact, the eternal destiny of men is determined by what we will do with the “least of these My brethren” (Mt. 25:40). The Jew will be “least” in those days. The most celebrated and prosperous of Jews, who are currently riding the crest of the world’s wave, will find themselves with only a shirt on their backs and cast out into the nations in the most desolate and deprived condition.

We have to lay hold of this prophetic understanding and then determine that we choose to be a factor in their deliverance in that time. That one choice, that one conscious deliberation, that one taking of that mandate to ourselves, has the potential to transfigure the church. Every aspect of the faith is brought into a new kind of perception, a depth of awareness, and a new reality, once this central key is fitted into the church’s consciousness as the primary purpose for its being. Anything that has to do with any subtlety of any anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic residue, of which we think we might be free, will be flushed to the surface. There is a flushing out, a depth and intensity of the work of God in the sanctification of the body. In Ezekiel 20, God tells Israel, “I will meet with you in the wilderness of the nations, face to face. And there you will come into the bond of My covenant and under the rod of My authority.”

Something happens to a remnant of Jews in the last days’ final sifting that is the factor by which they return to Zion as the “redeemed of the Lord,” with everlasting joy upon their heads and mourning and sighing fleeing away. There will be no return at all unless there is a church in the earth that already anticipates this and is preparing itself to be the salvific agent of God for this distressed people in a soon-coming time; for when it comes, it will come suddenly. This perspective needs to be central to our whole purpose and being. Therefore, we need the strategic direction of God, which is obtained through the operation of the Spirit through trusted members in the body, whose prophecies are not some kind of soulish exercise or drawing of attention to themselves, but a trusted expression of God’s wisdom and will in a critical moment of decision.

Note: I don't endorse all that Art Katz says in his writings, simply because I'm not qualified to judge all of his views...but I wholeheartedly agree with him on this. And we see now that many churches are pulling away their support of Israel... I find that more interesting as the days go by!


Tsofah said...


From Art Katz's quote above:

The “time of Jacob’s trouble” that concludes the age and brings Israel’s King and His rule over the nations will be a time of sifting and chastening. The church must recognize and accept the ultimate requirements of such a task and willfully adopt the coming times as central or primary to its whole purpose for being."

This comment bothers me in that so many use and have used this as a reason to not help Jews (or others) when there is a need.

If the Shoah wasn't "time of Jacob's trouble", then what was? Even now there is a constant sifting of all mankind Jew and Gentile.

As far as Mr. Katz' comments about rich Jews: what about rich Christians? If we have been engrafted together we certainly share the same results together as the Wife (Jews) and the Bride.

It concerns me that many times Mr. Katz uses the same areas of focus that are stereotypes used by anti-semites around the world. (rich Jews, sifting deserved, etc).

May G-d help us get past us doing the sorting and leave such into His hands. :-)

Mid Stutsman said...

I think you are reading what he is saying wrong... his emphasis is on the church not pulling away from Jews and coming to their aid when they most need it. He IS a Jew and he's pointing out the differences...not only that, but Jews today are just as stiff-necked in their rejection of Christ as they were when He was among them. Mr. Katz's view is that the church must be there when the whole world casts them out and comes against them, so that they can recognize their true hope in the Lord. The time of Jacobs Trouble has not yet happened... read what Isaiah and Ezekiel and Jeremiah say about it...nothing like that has EVER happened. We must be ready to defend the Jews and help them when it does!

Don said...

According to Mr Katz's article, he pictures the church as being here on earth during the “time of Jacob’s trouble”, or Daniel's 70th week, functioning as a "salvific agent of God for this distressed people" and "being a factor in their deliverance." Also, he indicates that the eternal destiny of men is determined by what we will do with the “least of these My brethren”.

I couldn't disagree more. The NT church is not involved during the seven tribulation years - it won't be here - the church age will end at the rapture. My Bible tells me the salvation of church age believers can only be through the redeeming blood of the cross - not by being a tribulation overcomer. Only unbelievers will enter the 70th week, but many will become new believers during that time. However, most of those new believers will be martyred for their faith. The 70th week survivors will be judged by how they treated the Jewish people (Matt. 25:31-46).

The church was seen in heaven by John following the rapture of Rev. 4:1, and was not seen on earth again until returning with our Lord in Rev. 19:11. Daniel's 70th week begins in Rev. 6:1 when the first seal judgment is opened, and will end following Armageddon. At that time the supernaturally protected remnant will see Him in great power and glory, they will know He is the true Messiah, and they will be delivered.

Yes, today we are seeing worldwide anti-semitism and replacement theology running rampant. It will get worse, and one day soon Israel will stand alone against the world. It's very sad. However, God will never abandon her, and we must support her while we are here.


Mid Stutsman said...

As I understand it, the Time of Jacob's Trouble is part of the last days before the last three year period spoken of in Revelation. Whenever it is, the Word exhorts us to be ready at all times. I believe the "church" erroneously believes it will be raptured out before any of this and not have to go through any kind of judgment or chastening--(as I see it, the church has done nothing to be worthy of this special favor)...and that's one reason why it is so complacent about heeding the Lord's commission to go into All the world with the Gospel and has become self-centered. I'm not going to be dogmatic one way or the other about the rapture...I'm going to be ready. And I'm going to support Israel in any way I possibly can. The church is grafted in...it's not separate from.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the post...I truly feel the body of Christ has lost a jewel when Art passed. I loved him... in beholding his relationship to the Father. What an example and a yielded vessel before the world and the church. He will be greatly missed. May others also keep the truths that he expounded on (as you are)alive and accessible to those who are hungry and thirsty for truth.

Blessings of the Father
Under HIS Shadow,
Sandra~ Psalm 91


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