Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scary times we live in....


Tiger said...

As you already know, Mid, you and I have differing beliefs concerning "end time" events.

Some of us apply these events to a literal modern-day Israel while some of us apply them to the spiritual Israel of believers (the true remnant church).

Either way, I do not want to see the literal nation of Israel harmed in any way.

I have a dreadful fear this may happen anyway and, The United States of America may be leading the charge!

Don said...

I like J.R. Church and hope many would hear this video. It's truly a sober reminder of our times - perilous times that Scripture explains will take place in the final days just before Christ returns. The US, Israel's only real ally, is quickly withdrawing its support. Scripture tells us that Israel will be all alone in the world, however, God has promised to never abandon her. In spite of all the trials yet in store for that nation, a Jewish remnant will be protected and realize that Jesus is their true Messiah.

The video does point out some extra-Biblical prophecies for consideration that are interesting and may have similarities to present day events, but we must be aware they are not from Scripture. They are being used to emphasize a point. Most are from pagan, satanically inspired religious traditions, and cannot be taken seriously by Bible believing Christians. We must remember that satan is a master of deceit, and knows Scripture well.

Biblical prophecy has always been fulfilled literally, and always will. Everything in Revelation will soon come to pass as prophesied. Revelation cannot be spiritualized into something else, and the church has never become the new Israel. Replacement Theology is heresy. Israel is alive and well, and God will protect and deliver her as He has promised.



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