Tuesday, March 10, 2009


By Bodie Thoene
"Esther saved the Jewish people from the slaughter planned by the Persian official named Haman. The Biblical story of Esther took place in the ancient land of Persia, part of which is present day Iran, and which included part of present-day Afghanistan.
History, it seems, is repeating itself. Once again an evil official in modern Persia proclaims the destruction of every Jew (and every Christian.) " ~Bodie

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God of Israel. He is the one who promised the nation of Israel will be like the sand of the sea shore. On the exact holiday of Purim, the Lord spoke His reminder of that Biblical Covenant promise loud and clear to the followers of Islam of the Persian Gulf who vow to put an end to Israel. They will not succeed in destroying Israel!

Isn't this amazing! Persia is paralyzed on Purim by the mighty winds and the sand! Everything means something!

PURIM Sandstorm Blinds Persian Gulf

March 10 2009: A sandstorm engulfs the Persian Gulf, grounding flights and disrupting oil exports. Dara Brown reports.


Sandstorm disrupts Persian Gulf flights, oil
Kuwait and Saudi city of Riyadh are paralyzed for several hours

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Hope said...

I very much enjoy visiting your site. As a friend of Israel, I find it very educational. I enjoyed my visit to Israel so much several months ago that I am now learning modern Hebrew. Great work, thank you!


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