Friday, March 4, 2011

Are You Standing Boldly For Israel?

It is beyond my understanding why so many professing Bible believing Christians can have little regard for modern day Israel and the Jewish people. Almost nothing concerning Israel for most of the past 2000 years is relevant to them. Israel is being treated as if it doesn’t exist, and has no right to any or all of its God-given land. When Israel is mentioned in church sermons, the messages mostly pertain to the historical Israel of old…and rarely will include anything since the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and events leading up to the present day.

They choose to ignore the fact that most of Scripture is about Israel and the Jews – God’s chosen land for His chosen people. It details past history, it accurately describes events of today, and it predicts the future for not only Israel, but for the world. The Lord God chose and led 44 people to write His Holy inspired Word over a 1400 year period of time – and almost all of them were Jewish. Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is legally of Jewish lineage. The 12 disciples were Jewish. God’s end-time plan for mankind is centered around Israel…designed to finally bring the Jewish people to repentance and realize Jesus as their true Messiah. God declared Israel as the center of all nations, and Jerusalem as His dwelling place…and so it will be forever.

Today we are clearly in that end-time period. Scripture explains that Israel and Jerusalem will be a stumbling block for the nations – all devising ways to divide the land and/or destroy the Jewish people. Wake up…and look around! The whole Middle East is exploding in turmoil…and it’s all about Israel. The USA has now thrown Israel to the wolves. Israel is hated and no longer has friends or allies anywhere in the world – exactly as Scripture foretold would happen.

People everywhere, churches, and Pastors (mine included), must wake up…now! But, sadly, that is not likely to happen because the enemy has blinded their eyes to the Truth. One day soon all mankind will stand in judgment before Jesus Christ…the Messiah…the Lion of Judah…the King of Kings, to give account for their unbelief. On that day I would not want to be standing in the shoes of those who have cast Israel aside.

Psalm 122:6
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem...


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Mid Stutsman said...

I know whose side I want to be on! Praying that eyes are opened soon, and that Believers will cast their lot with God and Israel.
Good word, Don!


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