Thursday, February 10, 2011


“Jewish Self-Hatred”
What's wrong with some Israelis? It is really incredible to witness the utter foolishness of some, if not many, Israelis at this alarming and crucial time in the young nation's history.

Here the people of Israel will in all likelihood soon see themselves surrounded by dangerous and hate-filled Islamic regimes bent on the destruction of this democratic Jewish nation. Yet most the time, Israel's present leadership is under attack from various quarters by fellow Israelis on economic and political issues! Kadima Party leaders - as they just announced - are ganging up to conduct a campaign of personal attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who, one would think, needs all his energy and time just now to stave off what will come as a result of the gradual regional takeover by Islamic radicals.

This looks very much like the infighting that went on among the Jews when fatally surrounded by the Romans in AD 70!

The Histadrut trade union is threatening an all-out general strike, the result of which will certainly not help Israel's economic standing and ability to face the increasingly-likely joint military onslaught of Hizbollah-run Lebanon, hate filled Syria, Hamas-controlled Gaza with all her new rockets and ... possibly even Egypt!

'The peace process is dead,' as someone recently remarked, and as every one who has his eyes open can now see and know. No Arab leader, moderate or otherwise, will be prepared to be seen offering Israel any more "incentives;" certainly not after the attack on Abu Mazen by Islamists all over the Middle East for even the minimum of concessions he was - according to Al Jazeera's leaked information - willing to make. This is why he was called a stooge of the Americans and Israel.

And now President Mubarak is equally condemned and criticized by many of his people. No Arab leader - if that's the treatment meted out to Mubarak and Abu Mazen - will able, let alone willing, to commit political suicide by making any concessions to Israel!

So, indeed, the peace process is dead and for the time being all over. Why can't Israel's leftists not be honest enough to face up to this reality and stop blaming 'the other side' - not the intransigent Arabs but their own fellow Israelis - for missing the chance?

In light of all that has recently happened - first in Gaza, then in Turkey, then in Lebanon, now in Egypt and, tomorrow maybe, in Jordan - why can't Kadima and all who foolishly and self-destructively continue to attack their own prime minister for "not doing enough for peace," put the blame squarely where it needs to be put -on those still bent on Israel's destruction?

In his Bar Ilan University speech, where he sadly agreed in some way to the establishment of a Palestinian state on the land of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu went against all that Ze'ev Jabotinsky and the Likud's ideology had stood for. Why not now expect a similar willingness from Kadima leaders and others, that they openly admit that their feverishly and dogmatically held, now outdated, notion that Israel should do more for peace, was wrong? Israel has shown again and again, even under Barak and Ehud Olmert, that it is not Israel but Israel enemies that need to be blamed.

After all our painful concessions to those who were at least first (though not anymore) willing to talk to us: We gave up Gaza and South Lebanon. We went against our own set policies by agreeing to the destructive notion of a two state solution. And we are presently further from peace and closer to a new explosion of war than ever before. So let us unite for heaven's sake!

But no, that's not the Jewish way, not even the Israeli way! At this very hour, when we all need to stand together to face the real and total danger to our frail existence as a nation, we choose again - as does Kadima and the Histadrut and many other foolish self-destructive men and women - to attack our own.

And this on the threshold of a new war!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua

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