Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama's Downfall was Divine "Measure for Measure!"

 The stunning Democratic defeat in this year's elections wasn't the result of the rise of the Tea Party, voter anger at the TARP plan, or any other particular political development, says National Union chairman MK Yaakov Katz ("Ketzaleh"): It was Divine “payback” for an American president who went out of his way to disrespect Israel and the Jewish people.
Obama said that he did not need America's best friend and ally, Israel,” MK Yaakov Katz  told Israel National News. “So G-d told Obama that the U.S. doesn't need him and his party.” The drubbing faced by the Democrats was an excellent example of the principle of “measure for measure,” in which the enemies of the Jewish people eventually get their comeuppance.

“In the end, anyone who opposes and oppresses Israel and the Jewish people is brought to his knees, and Obama is no different,,” the MK said. “We all remember the pictures of Obama sitting with his feet on the desk while talking to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and his attempts to embarrass and shame him. And now he himself has been embarrassed and shamed.”

On the other hand, Obama should not be expected to be more “religious” than Israel's leaders – who have consistently refused to demand the honor due them as Jews and Israelis. “If we want Obama and the rest of the world, we have to respect ourselves – our promises, our land, our people. If we ourselves institute building freezes, we should not be surprised when the nations of the world demand that we retain those policies,” he continued.

Israel, too, has suffered from its leaders refusal to stand up for the country's interests, Ketzaleh says – but with Obama cowed by the Democrat loss, Netanyahu now has an opportunity to set things right. “He must correct his ways, and to do so he must tell the Americans that Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and that he intends to act accordingly. We aren't looking to embarrass Obama or anyone else, and Netanyahu can find a nice way to say what he thinks. But say it he must,” says Ketzaleh.

“And now it's never been easier for Netanuyahu to do what he must,” Ketzaleh said. “The last few weeks have proven that his Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, is a broken reed, and that Labor is not a party, but essentially 13 different parties. He can now easily return to his original coalition of 65 Mks and carry out the policies he promised before the elections, the policies that the people of Israel voted him into office to carry out.” The chances that Kadima is likely to replace Labor in the government are extremely small, says Ketzaleh. “According to their polls, they believe they are going to surpass the Likud in the next elections, which they are looking forward to. So it's unlikely they would join a Netanyahu government.

“This is Netanyahu's chance to do the right thing, to say he was mistaken in his Bar Ilan speech announcing two states for two peoples,” Ketzaleh concluded. “This is his responsibility, and if he does so, there is no doubt that G-d will send His blessings down to us.”
By David Lev

Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua

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