Monday, November 22, 2010


This past week I had a meeting with a banking officer where I have done my banking for many years. In the course of the meeting we talked about several things, including the dismal interest rates currently being paid on savings accounts, CD's, IRA's, etc.

I brought up the possibility that there are likely huge numbers of people (especially unemployed and seniors) who now have little or no income from interest earnings on money saved - if they even have anything saved. Then, add the fact that their retirement accounts and pension funds are evaporating, and Social Security is being reduced.

I told her that in my opinion there must be hundreds or even thousands of people in our small community who are in serious trouble and near desperation. Then, I asked her, "As a bank officer, where do you think this is headed, and what is going to happen?"

She responded by saying there are positive signs indicating that improvement is beginning to happen, and that things will turn around soon. I then said, "Okay…that was your programmed, authorized response as a banker. Now, tell me about the inside information you really know."

At that point she hesitated a moment, then said, "It's really bad out there. No, that's not's horrible, and getting worse. The truth is...I'm scared to death!"

She went on to say that she often goes home from work in tears because she must turn down pleas for loans from good people who have nothing job with no meaningful payments overdue...bills piling to feed...and those folks have no way to repay loans.

In her opinion, what we are experiencing with the economy today is the "new normal", and, if or when it ever improves, it won't happen for a very long time - perhaps not in our lifetime. The bank official went on to say that our country is essentially bankrupt - as are many other countries. She believes changes will soon happen world-wide that will affect everyone, and nobody will like the changes.

I left the meeting surprised that she, an experienced banker, would share that kind of pessimistic information with me. She was visibly moved as she was talking, and, in my opinion, was being truthful.

Perhaps she was a Bible believing Christian - I don't know. But, if not, she displayed amazing insight because Scripture predicts the very same things she mentioned that will take place in the end times during Daniel's Seventieth Week.

Everywhere, we see people who are suffering in so many ways. Many are crying out for help, and asking the question, "What in the world is going on?" Their lives are in a state of turmoil with uncertainty all around them. They see their hopes and dreams vanishing right before their eyes. People just don't know which way to turn in a world that seems to be falling apart and ready to self-destruct at any moment.

Today we see the poor becoming destitute, the middle class becoming poor, and the rich becoming richer. The middle class is rapidly diminishing as a majority category, and will soon join the growing ranks of those who, in order to survive, must succumb to government controls. My meeting last week with the bank officer went a long way toward confirming those things. The horseman on the black horse of Revelation 6:5-6 is preparing to ride. The black horse will bring starvation, malnutrition, disease, and a total lack of purchasing power. Also, Revelation 6:6 clearly represents the two extremes of the society we see forming today.

The first four seal judgments of Daniel's Seventieth Week as described in Revelation 6:1-8 will be opened soon. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse riding the four horses (the white horse of false peace; the red horse of war; the black horse of famine; the pale horse of death) are only the beginning of twenty one judgments that will fall on the unbelieving world. None of the horsemen have arrived yet, but we can hear the approaching hoof beats.

It’s no coincidence that today we see increasing efforts toward Globalism and the formation of a New World Order, a One World Government, a One World Economy and currency, a One World Religious system, and more. The Bible predicts all of those things, plus, a controlling world leader will emerge during the last days.

We see storm clouds gathering all around Israel with nations committed to the destruction of her and the Jewish people. We hear of feverish negotiations and schemes underway to further divide Israel and Jerusalem - the apple of God's eye. The nations involved seem to be obsessed in their efforts to divide Jerusalem, with many determined to destroy Israel – that the name of Israel be remembered no more. Sadly, the USA is forcefully leading the way toward those efforts.

Relentless peace negotiations underway with Israel indicate that the white horse is saddled and ready to go. Preparations for devastating war in the Middle East and the world are at an all time high, strongly suggesting that the red horse is prepared as well. Is the black horse almost ready, too? Yes, I believe it is very likely. Following close behind them, the pale horse of death will certainly appear as well.

The things we are witnessing today are only warnings and precursors for the actual events. They ought to be clear signals that Messiah...Jesus Christ...the Prince of Peace is coming soon for all who have placed their faith and trust in Him. Is He your Savior, your Lord, and the Master of your life? You must be very sure!


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Mid Stutsman said...

Scary...but exciting!! So much to ponder...we just need to be prepared!
Even so, Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!


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