Friday, January 15, 2010

Jerusalem is our Heart!

Tevet 28, 5770, 14 January 10 07:27
by Menachem Sachs
( Someone once wrote to a doctor and asked,"Doctor, would you operate to remove someone's heart if you knew that the rest of the body will survive at the status quo?"The doctor responded by writing back,"Even if the body stays at the status quo, why would I do this. Without a heart, how would the patient feel?"
When thinking of this story I think of Jerusalem as the heart and the Jewish people as the body. As of late there has been a lot of debate on the status of the city of Jerusalem. You have to give credit where credit is due, the Arab propaganda machine has some how created a link between final peace agreement and Jerusalem.
Yet Jerusalem has been at the heart of the Jewish people ever since we have been a "people". It was divided, we were not allowed into its Old City. Finally in 1967, during the 6 day war, we liberated it from Arab (Jordanian) control.
Looking back before '67 we see that the Arab's did nothing but conduct missions of destruction to all Jewish and Christian sites in the Old City. Jewish cemeteries were desecrated and tombstones taken and used as sidewalks and latrines. Synagogues were destroyed and vandalized, all in the name of Islam. Under Israeli control, Jerusalem has grown for all religions and become a safe haven for all religions to worship freely.
Jerusalem is also important to the Jewish religion as compared to the Islamic religion. One needs only look into the holy book of each religion to see the level of importance. In the holy Torah (Judaism) Jerusalem is mentioned, by name, 622 times. In the Koran (Islam) Jerusalem is not mentioned once, by any name. Oddly enough, the country of Israel (or any other name for that piece of land) is also not mentioned in the Koran. So on what basis is it that they demand Jerusalem?
The only reasons possible are as follows:
1. To destroy any chance for peace because of the importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people.
2. To get Jerusalem as a strategic position for a future attack or war.
Thats it.... there are no other reasons that the Arabs could want Jerusalem other than to be a stepping stone towards the complete wiping out of the State of Israel. Arabs have been able to buy property, vote in elections and (in most cases) work in Jerusalem if they were residents of the city.
What has bothered them up until now? Why are they complaining? The answer is that as a victim, you get more air time. Thats it. This is the same story in Gaza, Jenin, Hevron and so on. As victims they get TV air time, international aid, sympathy from western states and still can try to achieve the goal of Jihad (holy war) against Israel.
Jerusalem is Israel and Israel is Jerusalem, no Jew in the world will deny this. Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people and we cannot let this heart be operated on, cut, divided or (G-d forbid) removed. Back in the times of King David, there was a legion whose only responsibility was to protect Jerusalem... these were great men. Now we have no king and we have no legion, the closest thing we have is our desire to live in our holy land with Jerusalem as it's capital. The IDF shall be our Legion.
We must all do our part to stop Obama from trying to dictate the negotiation of Jerusalem and we must do our part to not allow Benjamin Netanyahu to even consider Jerusalem as part of the agenda for talks.
Write people, call people, talk to people... let us organize so we can be heard and save Jerusalem.

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Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua

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r l n ! said...

i've watching a lot of Zola Levitt Ministries interviews...this one is with an Arab ex-terrorist who is today an CHRISTian. He grew up being indoctrinated with the Qur'an teachings -- but he exposed the passages where even in the Qur'an, it is acknowledged that the land of Israel belongs to the children of the promise -- the Jews.


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