Thursday, January 28, 2010

Iran leader predicts destruction of Israel

Wed Jan 27, 2:49 am ET

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is confident Islamic nations will one day watch the destruction of arch-foe Israel, his website Wednesday quoted him as saying.

Khamenei made the remark during a meeting with Mauritanian President Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz in Tehran, the website said.

The all-powerful Iranian leader also said that Israel's continued "pressure to erase Palestine from the world of Islamic nations" will fail.

"Surely, the day will come when the nations of the region will witness the destruction of the Zionist regime... when the destruction happens will depend on how the Islamic nations approach the issue," Khamenei told Aziz, who arrived in Tehran on Monday.

"The Zionist regime, by continuing to use pressure, blockades and committing genocide, wants to erase Palestine... but it will not succeed."

Praising Mauritania for cutting its ties with Israel, Khamenei said the "Zionist regime is a great danger to the world of Islam as it was thinking of expanding its influence and grip on the region every day."

Iranian officials, including Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have earned the wrath of Israel and Western powers for their repeated anti-Israel comments.

Relations between the two nations have deteriorated particularly under Ahmadinejad who has often said that Israel is "doomed to be wiped off the map" and has termed the Holocaust a "myth".

Israel shut down its embassy in Nouakchott following Mauritania's decision in January 2009 to suspend diplomatic ties with the Jewish state a decade after they were launched.

Mauritania was one of only three Arab nations that had formal diplomatic ties with Israel, apart from Egypt and Jordan.

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Well...the "all-powerful" Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is very wrong!

He hasn't yet met the all powerful God of all creation...the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...the God who said that as long as the sun, moon, stars and sea exist - the offspring of Israel will exist...nor has he met the one true God who will judge him and declare his eternal future.

No, Mr Khamenei hasn't met Him yet...but he will. He can count on that!



Catrina Bradley... said...

As I was reading I was trying to formulate a comment, but then I read Don's comment at the end of the article, and ... well he said what was brimming my heart. I'm glad I know how this story ends - Victory in Jesus.

Don said...

Thanks for your note, Cat!

Yes, we do know how the story will end. We've read the last chapter of the last book and truly know there's victory in Jesus! The great hymn, "Victory In Jesus", says it all - Praise God!


Ari Katz-Schwartz said...

I don't think the Zionist regime is the same as "Israel". Israel is full of good, honest people. The Israeli leadership is corrupt, genocidal and militant.

Mid Stutsman said...

It's hard for me to believe Iran differentiates between the Zionist regime and good honest Jews. They are one and the same to them! And I know there are good honest people in the Israeli government.


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