Thursday, December 17, 2009

Israeli products sell like hot cakes, as Canadian boycott fails

Thursday, December 17, 2009 Israel Today Staff

Anti-Israel groups in Canada tried to organize a major national boycott against a leading hiking and sporting goods store chain because it sells Israeli-made products. The effort failed miserably, and in fact had the opposite of the desired effect, reports Israel National News.

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Way to go Canadians! Good job!



Mid Stutsman said...

I love how God intervenes in these things!! His love is unconditional and people just can't fathom the extent of that Love!!

Thanks for doing so much here, Don... I sooooo appreciate your postings!!


Don said...

Thanks, Mid. I just wish I could do more, and do it more often, but sometimes life's demands get in the way. I know that you understand and know what I mean.


r l n ! said...

Israel, since Abraham's days of old, is still drawing controversy today. And the line has to be drawn for each and every person -- for or against Israel, which is equivalent to a decision for or against GOD; or believing that the Bible is GOD's inspired Word of Truth or just a jumble of historical and poetical data; or receiving JESUS as The Messiah or just some fanatical Jew of the past.

i've drawn the line at last on the side of GOD, JESUS, and Israel as GOD's covenant people. Yet for most of my life, i was like the rest of the world, blind and ignorant to The TRUTH. Were it not for the Holy SPIRIT's drawing, i'd still be on the other side of the line...the WRONG side!

Mid Stutsman said...

So well said, and I'm glad you are on God's side! We need to pray, not just for Jews' eyes to be opened, but those of professing Christians...

r l n ! said...

Yes, pray for Israel's eyes to be opened and for professing CHRISTians to live out their new profession -- JESUS' bondslaves... doing what HE wants, obeying Him, pleasing Him only... which to me means sharing His Good News NOW -- don't wait 'til tomorrow... for tomorrow may not come.

Pray for boldness in sharing the Gospel and courage to stand steadfast to His Word.


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