Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are these the ten end-time world kingdoms spoken of by Daniel?

While most of us are sleeping (prophetically speaking) and not paying attention, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is unfolding at a rapid and increasing rate. As prophesied by Daniel, a federation of ten world-wide kingdoms will be formed by a revived Roman Empire (Dan. 7:24), or known today as the European Union, and would be headed by Antichrist.

Centuries later the apostle John also referred to those ten kingdoms in Rev. 13:1 and Rev. 17:12.

The Antichrist will emerge from one of those kingdoms/regions. More specifically, he will come out of one of the nations that was a part of the original Roman Empire that destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem (Dan. 9:27) in 70 A.D. The old Roman Empire at that time covered a huge geographic area and included many nations.

A New World Order (NWO), which in part is a confederated ten-kingdom empire covering all nations of the earth, is being developed today and is referenced in the media daily.

The following link is a world map showing the ten world regions established by the EU. It's been revised recently with minor border changes, but is now reasonably accurate. Note that Israel is a part of the "Mediterrean and Middle-East Union", and the United States of America is a part of the "North America Union". Nations have little or no control/input as to their Union identification.


This next link is an excellent detailed article concerning the EU and the 10 kings/kingdoms.


The point I want to make is that we are much farther along in God's end-time plan than most people realize. Prophecy is being fulfilled almost daily. In my opinion we are on the very threshold of the rapture, the AC confirming a covenant with many, Daniel's 70th week, and the "time of Jacob's trouble".

So...are these the ten world kingdoms spoken of by Daniel? I believe they could be. We are truly living in exciting times!



Mid Stutsman said...

Amazing at how fast time is going by as well... God said He would speed things up (shorten that time) as it pertains to the last days. I think, physically it is happening!! Or could I just be getting old? Anyway, chilling thoughts, but soooo exciting to think that it will all come to pass sooo!!!
Thanks, Don!!

r l n ! said...

To Don, Jan and Mid :) fruitful 2010!!!

How do i share the Gospel of JESUS to Jews who believe in the GOD of Abraham but not in His Son JESUS?

Can the Jewish and CHRISTian faiths ever be reconciled, so that both who believe and put their faith in GOD, the Creator, can withstand the world, side by side, stronger together than alone?

Or is this just fantasy thinking for now and won't happen til after the return of CHRIST?

Mid Stutsman said...

It is happening now with Messianic Jews...unfortunately, most religious Jews and non-believing Jews reject anything concerning Jesus. One day we will be united through the Lord...only He knows when.

Don said...

The very fact that there are Messianic Jews (praise God!) is a testimony that the Holy Spirit can change lives...and change a people. In spite of rejection, we must continue planting the seeds of faith to the Jew and Gentile alike, then, allow the Holy Spirit to convict and cause those seeds to grow for the glory of God.

As Mid has said, one day soon all those, but only those, who have chosen to follow Him will be together, as the Bride of Christ, according to His plan and purpose.


r l n ! said...

Thanks, Don and Mid, for your thoughtful words. Yes, i'll continue to sow the good seed of the word through the blogs i write and by vocally sharing the Good News, no matter if rejected for the moment. i know the WORD is alive and active and powerful by the work of the Holy SPIRIT. He does the real work, we followers of CHRIST just share Him with others.

i'll Google Messianic Jews and maybe get some info to encourage other unbelieving Jews. Do you have a website about Messianic Jews that you'd like to recommend?

Don said...

On the front page of this site you will find a listing of other sites listed under "friends" and "be informed", that are supportive of Israel and the Jewish people. The following three sites are also good ones for review.






r l n ! said...

Thanks, Don, for the websites... i've just marked Zola Levitt's tv program as a favorite and also just watched his testimony from 2006. i felt drawn to his easygoing presence as he talked about his cancer and how CHRIST came into his life.

i'll listen more to his past commentaries down the line. Maybe i can even send this testimony of Zola Levitt to my Jewish friend.

r l n ! said...

i've just added Zola Levitt's link and Jews for JESUS in my rln blog. And i've just listened to Zola's 2 interviews of a Jewish CHRISTian (head of Jews for JESUS) and a Muslim CHRISTian --- it just blew me away!!! Hallelujah! GOD is indescribably amazzzZING!!!

Thanks for the nudge towards these links :D

Don said...

rln! - Just a word from me concerning your previous post where you referred to a "Muslim Christian". That term is, in my opinion, an oxymoron. The two words cannot and must not be used together, for they are contradictory by definition.

A muslim is a follower of Islam and its imaginary pagan god allah.

A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ - the Son of the Living God, the second Person of the Trinity, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and the One who was crucified, buried, and arose - conquering death and the grave that all who would believe by faith alone might have eternal life through Him and by Him alone.

It's impossible to be a "Muslim Christian", for one cannot embrace both.

P.S. I visited your blog and saw a couple references to Charles Stanley. He's one of my favorites!


Mid Stutsman said...

To be a Muslim is to believe in Allah... and Muslim's don't believe Jesus was the Son of God. Did you mean Arab Christian? There are many Arabs who have turned from the Islamic faith and embraced Christianity!! Praise the Lord!!

r l n ! said...

Thanks, Don... but i'm still confused. i was told that Islam is the religion, and being Muslim is living the culture... like Judaism is the religion, and being Jewish is living the culture.

So what should i call a person who was living the Muslim culture but is now a born-again CHRISTian? Just plain born-again CHRISTian, right?

i'll check out that blog entry... Thanks for the cautionary note :)

Mid Stutsman said...

RLN, "A Muslim (Arabic: مسلم‎), pronounced /ˈmʊslɪm/, is an adherent of the religion of Islam." From Wikipedia. Hope that helps. They would be an Arab Christian, or just a Christian.

r l n ! said...

Yes... i went back to Zola Levitt's website and found exactly that... i hate labels these days, but i am glad to be labeled CHRISTian :D

Thanks, Mid :)

Mid Stutsman said...

Amen!!! I'll take that label any day!!
Hugs, rln!!


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