Monday, August 18, 2008

Unique Biblical Archeological Discovery

I love to see evidence of Biblical history brought to light with discoveries such as this one. More and more it's being proven with hands-on, real life material evidence that God's Holy inspired Word, both the OT and NT, is not just a collection of stories, but the living eternal Truth. Perhaps this will help to cause the nay-sayers to rethink their position.


Unique biblical discovery at City of David excavation site
18 Aug 2008

A 2,600 year old clay seal impression, or bulla, bearing the name Gedaliah ben Pashur has recently been uncovered completely intact during archeological excavations in Jerusalem's ancient City of David, located just below the walls of the Old City near the Dung Gate. The name appears in the Book of Jeremiah (38:1) together with that of Yehuchal ben Shelemayahu, whose name was found on an identical clay bulla in the same area in 2005. The two men were ministers in the court of King Zedekiah, the last king to rule in Jerusalem before the destruction of the First Temple.

According to Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University who is leading the dig, this is the first time in the annals of Israeli archeology that two clay bullae with two Biblical names that appear in the same verse in the Bible have been unearthed in the same location.

"It is not very often that such a discovery happens in which real figures of the past shake off the dust of history and so vividly revive the stories of the Bible," Mazar noted.

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