Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls Link Past and Present

By Chris Mitchell
CBN News Mideast Bureau Chief
August 24, 2008 - JERUSALEM, Israel - Just over 60 years ago, a Bedouin boy stumbled on one of the greatest treasures in history. He discovered the first of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which constitute the oldest evidence for the Hebrew Bible.

On the edge of the Dead Sea, deep in the heart of the Judean wilderness in a place called Qumran, came some of the most significant artifacts of modern times: the Dead Sea Scrolls.
For two millennia, the scrolls lay hidden in 11 caves throughout the Qumran area. Their discovery marked the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century.

To learn more about the Dead Sea Scrolls, CBN News hiked up to one of those 11 caves with Stephen Pfann, founder of the University of the Holy Land and an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

When asked why the Dead Sea Scrolls were so important to us today, Pfann said, "because they confirm the Bible that we have. There's variants, but basically it's [that] you can barely tell the difference between the two texts, [the one] that we have in Qumran and in our Bibles."

The Dead Sea Scrolls provide a 2,000-year-old link between the Scriptures during the time of Jesus and today.

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Mid Stutsman said...

I have a miniature Qumran jar and copy of Isaiah from Israel... a reminder of God's goodness and grace!


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