Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I believe the day is coming, perhaps sooner rather than later, when Bible believing Christians will be the most hunted people on the face of the planet.  They will be found and brutally dealt with for their unshakeable belief concerning scriptural matters.  There is a relentless war raging against Biblical Christianity and all who believe.  You don't think so?  Then, consider this:

Today, Christians world-wide are being persecuted as never before in history.  In some countries entire communities populated by Christians are being destroyed.  Churches are being burned to the ground.  Christians are being forced to either denounce their faith, or face execution - many by beheading.
In our country, the USA, the Name of Jesus and all things Christian are being purged from public view because they are considered offensive.  The salvation message Jesus taught as the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life is ruled as hateful and exclusive.  Public prayers in Jesus’ Name and the mere presence of a Bible have been outlawed.   Biblical Christianity is being stripped from our schools, our military, our government, and from our society as a whole.

Immorality in the USA has reached an all-time high with over 55 million abortions performed since Roe vs. Wade, as well as a growing popularity of same sex marriage and homosexuality.  Not long ago we were expected to tolerate such things, then, acceptance became the mantra.  Today, there is a relentless effort demanding that we not only embrace those things, but now we must promote them.  Pedophilia and drug use are growing problems that are also rampant among our population.
Our laws, our growing permissive society, and our politically correct mentality have allowed godlessness and pagan belief systems to flood into our lives much like an unstoppable tsunami that destroys everything in its path.

Our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has now labeled all who support Biblical Christianity as terrorists, who are considered a dangerous threat to the common good of society.  The beliefs of Biblical Christians with their "Biblical worldview" are in blatant opposition to the direction our leaders have chosen for our country.
In preparation for what is to come, it has been reported that the DHS has acquired 1 1/2 billion rounds of ammunition - many of which are hollow point bullets used for effective killing at close range.  Is a widespread and bloody war against dissenters being planned?  What else would they do with all that firepower?  If you are a Bible believing Christian, then, you will be a target.
A world-wide "Christian cleansing" clearly has begun.  In our nation it will likely be carried out legally using force - including serious penalties for violations.  Expect one day to see door-to-door home inspections as authorities search for "illegal" possession of Bibles and other "offensive" religious terrorism tools used by conservative Christians.  Not a pretty picture at all.
Are you prepared for the day when government officials or law enforcement agencies suddenly show up at your front door at 3:00am demanding to know with a simple yes or no answer whether you are a fundamental Bible believing Christian?  Knowing that isolation or even death would likely be in store for you with a "yes" answer, then, how would you respond?

That would certainly be the ultimate "rubber-meets-the-road" question concerning the sincerity of your faith commitment, wouldn’t it?  Would you deny your faith to save your own skin, or the lives of your family members?  Or, would you be willing to die for Him Who died for you?

Matthew 10:33 NASB
But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.

The Bible tells us that it will surely happen.  At the mid-point of the tribulation, the Antichrist will declare himself to be God - demanding that all bow down to him.  Those who refuse will likely be killed.  Are you ready for that?

In the midst of screams of fear and the smell of death, would your faith remain strong while being dragged to face a guillotine or firing squad?  I fear that many who claim the label of Christianity are not biblical Christians at all, but rather, are role playing behind a mask of Christianity.  They will be quick to deny Him.

More of God's end-time scenario is falling into place and becoming more obvious with each passing day.  Read your Bible and, then, scan the news reports.  It is happening now.  I believe the rapture is an imminent event, but what persecution will Bible believing Christians face before the Lord returns in the clouds to call them to Him?  We need to think about that.

As recorded in Luke 18:8, Jesus said, "...when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

I pray that I would be found faithful to the very end.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!



Mid Stutsman said...

Wow... Powerful!! I pray all who read will examine their hearts and pray the same prayer, Don!! And pass this on...


Don said...

Thank you, Mid!

The time is short, the hour is late, and the warning must be sounded for all to hear. I pray that ears will hear and eyes will be opened to the danger already within our gates. People need to get right with the Lord now.




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