Monday, February 6, 2012


O Lord, what would You have me do today? You know that I love You, and am ready and willing to serve as You have planned and purposed for my life. I am simply a lump of clay in Your hands waiting to be formed into the vessel You would have me be. Oh, what can I do to bring honor and glory to You that Your Name would be magnified?

Perhaps You will send someone across my path today who is in need of comfort or a kind word. With You as my guide and the source of all comfort, I would do my best to encourage that someone with the true assurance and hope only found in You and Your Word.

There might be one today who, due to overwhelming circumstances in their life, is broken, suffering, and in such despair that they don't know which way to turn. With Your leading, allow me to show them Your Way, Your Truth, and Your Life that can only be realized when they lift their eyes up to You above all else.

Others might be sent my way that belong to You, but due to the busyness of life, they have pushed aside their all-important, spiritual needs. Their daily communion with You has lost its priority. Allow me to pray with them…that they might be convicted to renew a close fellowship with You.

You know, Lord, that there are many who are searching and reaching out for Your Truth, but have never found it. They need the Savior in their life, but do not understand why…or, how they can claim Your promises by choosing Him in their life. Instill in me a passion for sharing the saving gospel with all who will hear while there is still time to do so.

Perhaps, Lord, You would have me do nothing today…other than allowing Your Light to shine brightly from within, that others might see the Christ Who lives in me. Whether that is done through prayers for others, by spoken and written words, or through a life testimony visible to many…I await Your call to serve today.

Here am I, Lord, use me this day as You will…in Jesus’ Name I pray.



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