Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As it is with many people, their rarely used Bible is likely displayed on a coffee table, or perhaps tucked away on a bookshelf.

Also, a dust cloth is probably kept in a nearby drawer for removing the accumulation of dust from the Bible cover before guests arrive, or before bringing it with them to church...that is, if they actually take their Bible to church.

However, a closer look at that layer of dust would clearly reveal two words written there in plain sight...and they would appear as if God’s finger had been the writing instrument.

The words are ... “READ ME!”

The Bible, God’s holy inspired Word, is our textbook, our instruction manual, our workbook, and our notebook. As our textbook, we must study and memorize it. As our instruction manual, we must live by it. As our workbook and notebook, we must underline key Scriptures and make appropriate notations in the margins.

In other words, it must be read and used as an essential tool to help us grow in our faith.

Do you know your Bible well enough to use it effectively when sharing the saving gospel message with others? All professing Christians need to think about that!


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