Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frenzy Over Jerusalem

World leaders seem to be relentless in their attempts to establish a independent Palestinian State within Israel's God-given land, with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. Since a negotiated agreement is not likely to work, the UN is almost certain to approve the Palestinian demands. Such a division will not be tolerated by Israel...nor, will the Lord God of Israel look the other way.

When I consider the events currently unfolding over the dividing of the Jewish land and Jerusalem, I am mindful of the words from Zechariah.

Zechariah 14:2 NKJV
For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem;
The city shall be taken,
The houses rifled,
And the women ravished.
Half of the city shall go into captivity,
But the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

("Half of the city shall go into captivity") Isn't that exactly what is about to happen? From that Scripture, the city will be divided in half...East Jerusalem for the Palestinians, and West Jerusalem for Israel. A major battle over Jerusalem is imminent.

Zechariah 12:2-3 NKJV
Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.

Zechariah 12:9 NKJV
It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem!



Mid Stutsman said...

I know it's getting closer...the signs are there and God will move when it's time ~ His time. Those of us who love the Lord and His Word are watching and waiting with baited breath, but to Many, it will come as a surprise, and they won't know what to do, including Israelis...we need to be praying daily!!

Don said...

If the UN votes in support of a independent Palestinian State, I feel Israel would have no choice but to defend her right to retain possession of her God-given land and the city of Jerusalem. It could quickly lead to a war with Israel's neighbors, and would likely be God's answer to the pleas for deliverance within Psalm 83. The prophecy of Isaiah 17 (and others related) might be fulfilled at that time as well.

The Zechariah 14 passages quoted in my article are promises from the Lord God that His wrath would ultimately fall on all who would seek to divide Israel, the city of Jerusalem, and destroy the Jewish people. As Mid stated earlier, "'s getting closer...the signs are there and God will move when it's time ~ His time."

Watch, pray, and keep looking up!


Carmen said...

It's an interesting day in New York and for the world. I too am waiting, watching and wondering what will happen next. I've linked up to this post on my blog. Hope that's okay.

Mid Stutsman said...

Absolutely okay, Carmen!! Thank you for passing the information along :)
Big Hugs!


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