Friday, May 13, 2011

Palestinians: Prepare for 3rd Intifada

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According to the organizers, the event will consist of four stages – the first is a "sit-down strike" that will begin on Sunday, during which Palestinian refugees from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, the West Bank and Gaza will gather in locations nearest to the border with Israel. These strikes will continue as long as necessary – and may last up to several weeks and even months.

The second phase is dubbed "the advance," in which refugees will proceed peacefully toward the border, as much as they are allowed. In the third phase, referred to as "crossing," the refugees will cross the border and respond in restraint to any attempt to crack-down on the procession.

The fourth and final stage will begin when each refugee reaches their original place of residence, or the nearest location to it, at which time a second sit-down strike resume, until they are allowed to return to their plot of land.
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This article contains many details of the plans for the Palestinian stages of protest, and much more.

Full story

They insist that although they are peaceful, their intent is is to move back to "their" land. Israel must not let that happen. Perhaps the Palestinians are pushing Israel - forcing Israel to move against them. Then, the Palestinians could use that as their springboard to launch a major war on Israeli soil.

It is bad enough when your neighbors try to force you aside because they want to move in with you, but it is quite another thing to hear them say they must kill you before they move in. If Israel is forced to defend her land, and if violence erupts with women and children caught in the crossfire, then the international community will accuse Israel of heinous crimes against humanity.

The good news in all of this is that the God of Israel has already won the victory!


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Mid Stutsman said...

Sad thing is Arabs have promoted the lie that Israel is "their" land to the point where they are going to force people to believe it whether they want to or not!! That plus the fact that they believe in a false god, allah, and don't understand God's promise to come to Israel's rescue when Arabs attempt to take over the land He gave to the Jews!


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