Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 15th Invasion Of Israel?

There has been very little in the printed or spoken media about the up-coming planned "peaceful" invasion into Israel. The event has the potential of having very serious consequences - for it is not likely to remain peaceful for long.

Beginning only eight days from now, Israel's enemies in huge numbers are planning to surround Israel by land and sea - with intentions to march over the boarder and take the land. Can you say, "the beginnings of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 - with perhaps Gog/Magog (Ezekiel 38/39) following close behind?"

Most people don't have a clue about what could be happening right before our eyes.

The invaders are dead serious about carrying out their plan. The magnitude of their brutal hatred for Israel is beyond our understanding. If rioting should happen, or if armed conflict erupted, those things could provide the sparks for igniting a major blood bath on Israeli soil - or worse.

Something tells me it will not be a simple peaceful gathering on Israel's boarders. The invaders will be going for it all. If Israel is pushed beyond their limit, they will have to retailate, and it could be devastating.

Events of God's end-time plan are unfolding rapidly just as the Scriptures promised would happen. We must pray for the peace and safety of Jerusalem in the face of growing threats, and for the salvation of the Jewish people.



Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

There was little more information here than you complain about being in the media. Which of Israel's enemies is doing this and from what country? What is the "plan" they have hatched? I just want to know how to help Israel, but I have no more information that we started with. Also, are the Palestinian people implicated in this?

Don said...

Anonymous, I will attempt to address the questions posed to me in your previous comment, but it won't happen today due to other time demands. Tomorrow...stay tuned!


Don said...

It is my understanding that the Palestinian Authority in their relentless efforts to rid the land of Israel of the Jewish people called for "The Third Intifada". The Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank would be joined by Arabs from all the countries that boarder Israel for a "peaceful" protest during Israel's May 15, 1948 anniversary celebration.

The march on Israel could involve a million people, including women and children, and would likely overwhelm Israel's boarder security. Israel would need to respond in defense. It would take very little disruption before escalating out of control and turning violent. We all know what has happened in neighboring countries in recent weeks that resulted in much bloodshed. This could ultimately be as bad or worse, because of the Palestinian's blind desperation to take all of Israel's God given land.

In addition, there is a planned "peaceful" flotilla scheduled to arrive in a Gaza port during the next few weeks, perhaps accompanied by war ships this time. Israel must intercept it. As you recall, many lives were lost during a previous similar event.

The secular news media has not given the event much attention, because they generally don't care about Israel, nor what happens to the Jewish people. However, many Jewish news sites and Christian prophecy/end-times sites have provided some good coverage.

What are believers to do? We must pray for the peace and protection of Jerusalem and Israel, and for the salvation of the Jewish people. Our God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will do all the rest.



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