Thursday, May 14, 2009

A plan in which the entire Muslim world would recognize Israel!

Wow! End time events are quickly taking place right before our eyes. Just look around...listen...and read your Bible! This article below describes yet another peace plan - one promoted by the United States, and one that would have the entire Muslim world recognizing Israel.

I'm reminded of Daniel 9:27a NKJV, "Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;"

The "he" in that Scripture is the antichrist and the "one week" is a seven year time period. But who are the "many" described by Daniel?

Is it possible the "many" could be the entire Muslim world - now almost a third of the world population? Is this the covenant spoken of by Daniel? Only God knows. He has already seen the end...and can place kings in power that will cause His ultimate plan to unfold.

It really is amazing the pace in which everything in the world is happening and aligning perfectly with scripture.

Interesting side note:
From another recent story, the Supreme Muslim Counsel has un-earthed a document that was written to Muslims by Muslims that the temple mount is Jewish! Could the temple could be a bargaining chip in this covenant? As you are aware, the Jews are preparing for a third temple.

Full story of the plan proposal here

Excerpts from the story:
The United States is promoting a peace plan for the Middle East involving a "57-state solution" in which the entire Muslim world would recognize Israel, Monday's Times of London quoted Jordan's King Abdullah as saying,

"We are offering a third of the world to meet them with open arms," the king said. "The future is not the Jordan River or the Golan Heights or the Sinai, the future is Morocco in the Atlantic and Indonesia in the Pacific. That is the prize." But he warned: "If we delay our peace negotiations, then there is going to be another conflict between Arabs or Muslims and Israel in the next 12-18 months."

The newspaper said the king had hatched the plan with President Barack Obama in Washington in April. Details are likely to be thrashed out in a series of diplomatic moves this month, including Obama's meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington next week.

While Palestinians seek a state in their long-running conflict with Israel, Syria wants the return of the Golan Heights, seized by Israel in a 1967 war. Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah fought a war in 2006.

The Times said that, after Obama's meeting with Netanyahu in Washington on May 18, the peace initiative could form the centrepiece of his major address to the Muslim world in Egypt on June 4.


Today's Christian Mom~ said...

so I try to study end times but I am not very good at it. I would like to know how long you think we have. I mean just like an educated guess. You can email me if you wish.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

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Galloping Hogan said...

Do you believe that Obama himself is possibly the Anti-Christ of which this posting talks about?

Mid Stutsman said...

I see the signs of the times, but our ways are not God's ways. His time is beyond our limited time frame. We live each day as unto the Lord, and we keep our lamps full of oil!! ; ) In other words, we are ready at any moment for what God has planned.
Good article, Don...
we are having a good time in MI...but bad storms are projected... please pray for us and our kids who are watching our home!!!

Don said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Christian Mom. Like you, I'm sure many others have questions about where we are in God's timing. The truth is...I don't know either, and I would never try to guess. Nobody knows except Him, who knows the beginning and the end.

However, we can know the season of the time. We are commanded in Scripture to know and understand the signs of the end, which have been detailed for us in the Word. Today, we see all of those signs coming together just as Scripture said they would. Never before in all of recorded history have all of them happened together exactly as prophesied. Matt. 24:33, "So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near - at the doors!"

I believe we are now very close to that time. His return will be sooner rather than later.

Scripture also commands believers to watch and pray - and expect His return at any moment. However, the most important thing is that our heart be right with the Lord. Many don't want Him to return now, because they love things of the world more than they love Him. They're not ready to meet Him face to face. They claim to have faith, but keep trying to somehow earn their way to make themselves more worthy. They don't have assurance of their salvation.

If any of those things concern you, I would be happy to pray with you, answer any questions, and provide Scripture for you.

God bless!

Don said...

Good question, Galloping Hogan!

Do I think Obama is the antichrist? I doubt it, but I certainly could be wrong. To me, it's more likely that Obama and others on the world scene are unknowingly paving the way or setting the stage for the soon appearance of the real antichrist.

Today, there's much talk and speculation concerning the antichrist. But, we as believers must be looking for Jesus Christ, not the antichrist.


Don said...

Thanks for your comments, Lighthouse Prayer Line!

We're glad you enjoy your visits here. "The Israel Connection" is the brainchild of Mid, who deserves the credit for most of the inspiration and hard work you see here. My contributions pale in comparison.

Yes, I will visit your site as you have suggested. Thanks for the invitation.



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