Monday, April 6, 2009

Original Schindler's List Discovered

From Arutz Sheva News Brief
Original Schindler's List Uncovered

Reported: 15:24 PM - Apr/06/09

( A list of Jewish people saved by Oskar Schindler that inspired the novel and Oscar-winning film has been found in a Sydney library, according to the Dailymail. The list contains the names of 801 Jews saved from the Holocaust by the businessman. It was discovered in a box belonging to author Thomas Keneally among manuscript materials he used to create the book Schindler's Ark. Keneally's book went on to become a major motion picture.

The 13-page list, a carbon typescript copy of the original, was found between research notes and German newspaper clippings. Library co-curator Olwen Pryke said the document was, “one of the most powerful documents of the 20th Century and a moving piece of history. It was hurriedly typed on April 18, 1945, in the closing days of WWII, and it saved 801 men from the gas chambers.”


Mary Moss said...

What an amazing find!

I saw the movie some years ago and it is truly moving. It's incredible how much Schindler risked (his own life) to do what he knew was right.

Tiger said...

Oh my!

A flood of emotion came over me when I read this, Mid.

We don't celebrate our true heroes enough.

Mid Stutsman said...

Mary, isn't amazing how God has His people placed "for such a time as this"... we don't know but what our actions in life just might be used in much the same way. May we all be willing and ready vessels!!

Tim, while the enemy of our souls is increasing his activities in these last days, God is moving in these simple ways to counter Satan's efforts and provide the encouragement we need to stand firm on the Truth!


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