Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Muslim Takeover - No Weapons Needed

Muslim Demographics

The information in this video is amazing and could be terrifying, except that we know Who will win the battle...

It should be quite a wake-up call for those who aren't paying attention.


View video here


Mary Moss said...

This is a lot to wrap one's head around. I'm going to have to watch this again in a day or so to fully absorb the message.

Thank your for posting it.

Mid Stutsman said...

Scary version. Thank God, He is in control. With a leader like ours, Muslims don't even have to try to take over our country... it's being handed to them, free and clear.

Don said...

Hi Mary

Yes, it seems rather overwhelming doesn't it? According to this video they would eventually control the world soon, just through population increases.

However, we all know how the Book ends. The good news is that our Lord is in control, He's coming back soon, He'll be the one taking over...and videos like this should be of no concern to those of us who trust Him and believe His promises.

Mid...I agree. And, the sad thing is that very few are paying attention. It'll all be gone before they wake up.


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