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Psalm 83: Conspiracy, Conspirators, and Prayer

Pastor Mark Ledbetter from Sylacauga, Alabama, shared this in August, 2006; it seems even more pertinent today since we have a clearer picture of what is transpiring….

Several years ago, while still serving as pastor in Winfield, AL, I preached a message regarding the prophetic possibilities found in Psalm 83. What I said then seems even more so today. Following is a review and update in light of recent events that are currently taking place:

The Conspiracy, vvs. 1-4

Since the Psalm is ancient, then the intent of Israel's "neighbors" is ancient, as ancient as Ishmael and Esau. The call for Israel to be "wiped" off the landscape of a predominantly Islamic Middle East is something many have witnessed in modern and now post-modern era.

In 1947, Israel's Arab "neighbors" rejected the U.N. declaration establishing a small sliver of land as a home for Israel. Immediately, surrounding Arab nations engaged in a campaign to "push the Jews into the Sea." It was a war of "extermination" that was launched against a heavily out-manned, out-powered, and ill-equipped people that somehow miraculously prevailed. Ben Gurion's declaration of independence in May 1948 held.

Twice repeated has been the call for Israel's destruction, each with the same results. Israel's enemies were remarkably defeated in 1967 and 1973. Now, with the current crisis in Israel, the call for Israel to be removed from the land is a chief focus of Islamic nations.

The Conspirators, vvs. 5-8

It is easy to identify the identity of Israel's enemies in terms of current events: Syria, Lebanon/Hezbollah, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians. This band is enlarged as both Ishmael and Japheth's descendants are united through a common bond – Islam. So, the conspiracy grows in Ezekiel 38 and 39 as Iran makes a stand.

Recently, Iran's Ahamadinejab, has once again called for the Israeli state to be replaced with an Islamic republic – the goal Hamas and Hezbollah have for Israel and Lebanon, respectively. But this time Jordan, Egypt and Turkey failed to object to the inflammatory rhetoric of Ahamadinejab.

Gog and Magog, Tubal, Cush, etc., are all Islamic nations, many are remnants of the former Soviet Empire. Nations under Islamic influence include the southern border of the Mediterranean, or northern Africa, as well as Sudan (Cush) and other African nations. It would be hard for anyone to miss, unless they simply choose to close a blind eye, or be so caught up in the cares of this life that they don't care.

The Prayer, vvs. 9-18

The Psalmist mixes no words regarding how he wants God to respond! He calls for God to respond with force, and by doing so, revealing that the war that Islam proposes is a war against God Himself, and will end in God's ultimate glory. This will be the result in the battle between Jehovah and Allah in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

"Fill their faces with dishonor, that they may seek Thy name, O LORD. Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever; and let them be humiliated and perish, That they may know that Thou alone, whose name is the LORD, art the Most High over all the earth." (Ps 83:16-18, NAS)

© Mark Ledbetter 2006


Don said...

Please allow me to share my thoughts...

The war described in Psalm 83 is a furure war prophecy - perhaps being fulfilled very soon. Also, the prophecy of Isaiah 17 in which Damascus will be totally destroyed has never been fulfilled. I believe they will both be fulfilled in the same war.

Note the participants listed for involvement in those wars. They are: Syria, Lebanon/Hezbollah, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians. Also note that those entities are strangely absent from the Ezek. 38-39 GogMagog war.

Why wouldn't they be there too? In my opinion, it's because Israel will quickly win the Ps. 83 / Is. 17 war, take them "out of action" so to speak, and take full control of them and their resources, namely oil. Israel will become rich overnight, causing the "hook in the jaw" - drawing the thirsty and hateful nations of the GogMagog war to move against Israel.

Scripture is quite clear as to the rest of the story...


Mid Stutsman said...

Thank you for posting this, Jan... there is much to consider and much to come to pass. God is in control, no matter how bad it looks or gets. I trust HIM, no matter what happens!!

Jan Ross said...

Are you aware of Zion Oil Corporation who is actually drilling for oil in Israel based on prophecy? You can learn more about them and what they're doing and the basis for it at

Mid Stutsman said...

Absolutely incredible!! Could it get any more exciting???

Don said...

Yes, Jan - I read about the drilling reports as they are available. The Biblical basis for the oil's location is very interesting.

Of course, when the oil does begin to flow, Israel's neighbors will accuse Israel of siphoning "their" oil out from under them.


Jan Ross said...

I wrote for their information packet and got a folder FULL of information from them including a booklet by Jim Spillman. I encourage you to get it and read the book ... "The Great Treasure Hunt" talking about the basis for their oil drilling. It's VERY interesting!


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