Monday, September 22, 2008

A "Guided" Encounter

As I have found day in and day out, nothing that happens to me is by "chance", it is, rather, by Divine Guidance. Such was the case when searching the internet for anything pertaining to Israel in September 2006. I happened upon an article by Lisa Loden. The particulars escape me now, but her attitude so impressed me that I wrote her via the link provided, which apparently was one used by her church. It was forwarded to her, and she wrote me back as a result. That was two years ago to the month!
Today, when reading an article by Francis Frangipane, I followed a link to another article by Donna Diorio, and clicked on the link to her website, Israel Prayer On it, I found a page with information on Lisa's church founded by her husband, David Loden! Beit Asaph I have provided links to both sites under Friends and Be Informed in the side column as well. Check them out and be blessed!
Please be in prayer now, more than ever, for Israel's land and for Jerusalem, but even more importantly, for the Jews and those who labor to bring the Truth about Yeshua HaMashiach to them.

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