Thursday, January 29, 2015

History Repeats Itself . . .

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29 January 2015 

Will Obama's bad deal with Iran lead us to a third World War, in same way as Chamberlain's bad deal with Hitler led to the second World War?

There is a parallel to be drawn with what has happened in the past and what has unfolded during these last decennia relating both to the political landscape in the United States and to the political situation we find ourselves in here in Israel.

In earlier United States' history both parties - Democrats and Republicans - were basically pro-American and patriotic.  Both had their country's wellbeing as their overall concern, the Democrats more from a left-liberal standpoint, the Republicans from a more conservative one.

This has now changed as the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left that it is barely - at least as a party - still patriotic or pro its own nation.

In many ways this is now also true of the political situation in Israel between the leading parties: Labor and Likud. Labor - under the leadership today of Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni - must have realized this when it attempted tamper with its departure from the former (at least patriotic) Labor leadership by deceitfully calling its politically conceived union "the Zionist Camp." For they have to know, even among their own members, that pro-Israel patriotism or old fashioned Labor Zionism of the type of Golda Meir or even Yitzhak Rabin has largely disappeared.

It is no secret that Rabin himself never believed in or pursued a path towards an independent Palestinian state, notwithstanding the dishonest claims and misquotes attributed to him after his death in support of their post-Zionist positions in his party by members and ideologues who were further left than he. The misrepresented prime minister called even the Oslo Accord (which was not for a Palestinian state but only for Palestinian Arab self-rule) "the bastard child I was forced to accept."

As in America, so in Israel; these socialist labor oriented parties - the Democrats and the Labor Socialists - have moved so far to the left as to endanger the overall security and wellbeing of the nations they helped establish!

While this has for some time and increasingly been the nationally destructive trend with America's democrats, it appears that only now a few more conservative leaning members of that party are waking up to it.  Under the leadership of President Barack Obama, his chief and ever-present advisor Valerie Jarrett, and other certainly leftist leaning associates, the Democratic Party has veered into becoming a universalist socialist 'do good party' to everybody, first and foremost to the downtrodden poor and underprivileged inside America.  Then, as a logical conclusion of this global leftist outlook - it has manifested a willingness to treat favourably even those nations that pose a threat to the US (eg. Iran, Cuba and others); an effort to be good, non-discriminatory towards Islamic states, as Obama clearly spelled out at the beginning of his first term in office during his speech in the University of Cairo in Egypt.

This has all recently been played out in front of the world in relation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's firm commitment to providing safety for his people from the Islamic threat posed by Iran's pursuit of power - not only by way of the nuclear bomb it is developing, but also through Tehran's increasing influence via radicalized Islam over Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and others.

The uncompromising stand against Islamic-oriented enemies (not only of Israel but also of the wellbeing and safety of the US as these foes call Israel "only" the small Satan and the US the big Satan) stands diametrically opposed to the socialist global mentality or philosophy of today's White House.

It is therefore good, not just for Israel's security but also for America's, that Netanyahu has been invited to address both houses of Congress on the specific issue that threatens both nations!

What was to be expected is that the first and fiercest criticism of this invitation to address America's leadership came from the not so patriotic socialists in both Israel and the US.  And herein lies the parallel:

Just as British ideologists cut from this type of cloth stood behind Chamberlain's efforts to reach an agreement with Hitler in the face of the German threats in Munich, so does today's White House leadership desire to reach an equally futile agreement with the mullahs of Iran.

Reacting to the way many of the more readily deceived Brits embraced and applauded Chamberlain's agreement with Hitler - which the prime minister declared had secured "peace for our time" - but which was made with a man whose openly-stated goal (like that of Iran's Ayatollahs) was the final destruction of the Jewish people, the as yet un-empowered Winston Churchill told Parliament: "We had a choice between shame and war - we chose shame but we shall get war."

We know now, as the British people themselves were soon to learn, that the mistaken belief in a weak and false agreement on paper itself brought about the Second World War, with more than 50 million dead, six million of which were Jews. Had a European Jewish leader then been invited by Churchill to address Parliament to warn about the serious consequences of this mistaken trust in Hitler should he - as Israel's left together with the new post American leftists demand Netanyahu do - have declined to use such opportunity to save his own and Europe's people from a sure catastrophe?

What can possibly be wrong with the Speaker of the Congress, John Boehner, inviting a Jewish leader like Benjamin Netanyahu to help ensure that the necessary bipartisan majority will block a false and dangerous agreement with Iran which again may well cost the lives of millions of Americans?

Thanks be to God that at least there is a Churchill-like majority in both houses of Congress who are ready to listen to Netanyahu before - like Chamberlain - Obama further endangers his nation and Israel by appeasing the evil dictates of today's Hitler-like despots!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

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