Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Morning Anew...

I awoke from tear-stained dreams of grief and despair, to the dim light of dawn. Deep vermillion seeped into the indigo of the receding night sky and highlighted the waves of clouds overhead. A shiver ran through me as the red sun emerged and sent rays of light across the undersides of the clouds in a burst of brilliance and breathtaking splendor. How could this be? Time should have ended. The earth should have come to a stand still and dissolved from the endless tears I had shed. He was the One. He said so. I believed Him. Now He was gone.

The heavens came alive with pinks and flaming oranges streaking through deep purples and lavenders. Searing white gold outlined the clouds closely guarding the sun, and the sky exploded. I couldn't breathe, but the world wasn't coming to an end, it was... rejoicing! Birds flew to tree branches and their melodies swept through my heart strings, stirring my emotions into my own song of wonder. I dressed in haste and ran out the door.

Nothing prepared me for the endless notes of praise singing through the blades of grass as I ran to that awful place of finality. There should have been sadness and anguish, instead, the air reverberated with the harmonics of an invisible choir. I turned in circles in the center of blinding light.

And then His voice parted the mist. I stood in His rapturous presence unable to speak, while around me, the earth laughed out loud and the heavens resounded in triumphant ecstasy. All of creation could not contain the joy of seeing their Beloved alive!

Drained of strength and overcome with euphoric awe, I fell to my knees and hid my face in my hands. A whisper, soft as a summer zephyr, surrounded me and held me in quiet tenderness.  "You must tell the others. I go to my Father, but I will be with all of you... soon." 

The scent of rose water, frankincense and myrrh lifted me to my feet before it drifted into the air. I stood, trembling, afraid to open my eyes. When I did, rays of sunlight bathed my room in a warm ethereal glow. Had it been just a dream? Tears formed, but when I turned my head, something cool and soft caressed my cheek. The heady fragrance of rose petals on my pillow had me tossing the covers aside. I dressed in haste and ran out the door with a message that would turn the world upside down...

"He's Alive!"

Matthew 28~Mark 16~Luke 24~John 20

© Pesach, 2012 Mid Stutsman

Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua

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