Friday, November 8, 2013

I don't know of a more important video you could ever watch! This is stellar in its presentation and timed perfectly for the day and hour in which we live... Please watch and let the Holy Spirit minister the Truth to you!

Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua

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Don said...

I watched the video, and found it fascinating. In fact, I had to see it a second time to fully grasp its magnitude. The significance of events during the past appointed times coupled with the appointed times that will occur in the near future (2014 and 2018) should cause one to examine their faith and relationship to the Lord.

Although we cannot know what events might happen during those upcoming appointed times, we do know that Jesus’ return is close at hand – and we must be ready to meet Him anytime.

There is one thing presented that I thought interesting. It was stated that the next appointed time after the 2014 and 2018 events would not happen for 1000 years. Biblically, we know that following the millennial (1000 yr.) reign of Christ, major events would take place. Among them are: Satan being loosed for a time, then captured and thrown into the eternal lake of fire; unbeliever’s resurrection and judgment at the Great White Throne; new earth and the New Jerusalem; and the beginning of eternity future for believers.

I would encourage all to watch this video.


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