Friday, November 2, 2012


I am certainly not a prophet, nor, would I want to be one.  Heaven forbid that I would even sound like a prophet.  However, there have been many times when I have had premonitions about things that actually did happen soon thereafter.  There have been other times when I simply had a "gut feeling” concerning things that also proved to be reasonably accurate. 

I believe that Obama’s first term has been used by him to methodically set up the USA for planned collapse as a free nation.  If he is re-elected, a second term of controlling dictatorship and socialism could spell disaster, and destroy the USA as we know it.  Many of Obama’s programs and devastating Executive Orders designed to accomplish his purpose will be phased in during the next year or so, and very few can be reversed.  A second term would be like the Titanic backing up to ram the iceberg a second time.

The following random items are worst case and belong in my "gut feeling" category.   In my opinion, many of the items could take place during his next four year term, thereby forcing people to be totally dependent on the government for their survival.  With no third term in the offing, all stops would likely be removed to accomplish his devastating objectives.  

* Unemployment could rise to un-presented levels due to business cut-backs and failures caused by an imposed negative business climate of rising costs, increased taxes and fees, and added government demands for business operations. 

* Taxes will need to rise dramatically for all in order to feed the government machine.  The result will strangle the taxpayers, and will increase poverty and dependence on government. 

* Due to the government’s increasing appetite for out-of-control spending and with its lending sources drying up, it could freeze personal funds.  Then, it could “borrow” from the $7 billion located in various taxpayer bank accounts, IRA’s, 401-k accounts, trust funds, and investment assets.  The “borrowed” funds would likely never be returned because the IOU’s would be based on worthless paper.  Today, the USA is essentially bankrupt and desperately in need of money.

* Obama has initiated and signed hundreds of back-room Executive Orders for programs, all lending support to his dictator style of leadership.  Their primary purpose is simply to by-pass our elected law makers, thereby eliminating objection discussions and vetoes.  He has the power through Executive Orders to establish laws of his choosing for his purpose.  Our government law makers are rapidly becoming irrelevant.      

* Expect to see government control of ALL SOURCES of food supply, its pricing, and its availability.  Control the food to control the people…submission via starvation.  Also, fuel and transportation, energy consumption, purchased goods, housing, travel, firearms, medical services and pharmaceuticals could have stringent new restrictions with forced impromptu inspections to verify compliance.  Obamacare will ultimately be forced on all, and will cause untold numbers of fatalities from Death Panels denying needed treatments for seniors and “non-productive” people.  

* Nation-wide rioting could take place on a scale never before experienced…requiring that Martial Law be declared and enforced by the Dept. of Homeland Security, the military, and police forces.  Desperate people are dangerous people.  Bloodshed in our neighborhoods would likely happen.

* Reduction of our military capabilities worldwide, our catering to Islamic nations, and our refusal to identify and declare nations and peoples as enemies of the USA could result in a devastating attack within the borders our country due to our weakened position.

* Islamic Shariah Law could replace much, if not all, of the U.S. Constitution as the new law of our land.  That is already happening behind the scenes in many places at an alarming rate. 

* Bible believing/preaching churches will likely be forced to either change their message or shut down.  Some will choose to operate underground…hidden away from the public eye.  However, today, many churches would not be affected because they are already spewing out tolerant, non-offensive, watered-down messages that are deemed socially acceptable.

* Expect severe penalties to be imposed on all who are not in agreement or in compliance with new government programs and policies.  Among other things, violations would include refusal to embrace abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and civil unions.            

* The consequences for those who follow a Biblical worldview could include being identified and forcibly escorted to detention camps for re-indoctrination…or, for execution if rehabilitation efforts fail.  A present day holocaust could be in the planning stages.

* The number of Muslims in our country has increased almost three-fold in recent years.  A short term priority goal of Islam is to destroy the USA (the great Satan), and Israel (the little Satan).  Thousands of mosques have been established in cities throughout the nation...signifying their domination of an area.  Muslims have successfully infiltrated every branch of government, education, law, media, military, politics, banking, private industry, and even religious denominations as mandated by Islam.  It seems that we are unable or unwilling to stop the Islamic invasion, in part due to our PC laws and tolerance mentality.  As Muslims gain a greater foot-hold, expect them to become even more forceful and demanding to achieve their objective.

* If Obama is a closet Muslim as is suspected by many, then, he must do his part to follow the Islamic mandate to destroy America.  His efforts during his first term have certainly set the stage for accomplishing that goal.  All support for Israel will be removed as well.  If he is re-elected for another term, I believe that his promise and mission to fundamentally transform America as we know it will likely be completed.  If that should happen (there is very little we could do to stop it), then, it will have taken 236 years to build the USA…and 8 years to tear it down.

Most people would believe that many of the things listed are nothing but conspiracy ramblings that "could never happen here.”   But, that is the kind of thinking that has blinded the American people to what has already happened...all the while believing it "could never happen here."  We need to open our eyes and think about that!



Sarah (Nikki) said...

well said!!!!!

Don said...

Thanks for posting in agreement, Sarah!


Bombus Hypnorum said...

And Obama has suceeded in fooling the people once more and has been elected.
I agree with this entirely Don. It is happening in Europe as well.


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