Friday, October 5, 2012


There are only two kinds of people in this world.  They are those who are heaven bound...and those who won't be going there.  Heaven is a very special place that requires an advance reservation.  It is a prepared place for a prepared people.  Heaven is not a place where one can just show up at the gate following death, and then, try to make a case for admission.  In fact, without that reservation, no one will even catch a glimpse of heaven’s gate, but instead, they will be immediately carried away to await the final judgment for unbelievers at the Great White Throne.

The absurd notion of St. Peter standing at the heavenly gate with a clipboard in hand, asking those standing in line whether they have been bad or good, is a worldly fairy tale.  Although it has been the subject of many jokes, some people actually believe it.  The truth is, however, that story is a mockery of the Word of God.

The cost of the reservation was paid by Jesus' shed blood and death on the cross where He suffered and died in our place to purchase our redemption.  He took all the sin of the world upon Himself, including yours and mine, and paid sin's full price for us in our place.  Then, by His resurrection, He was victorious over death and the grave, that all who believe might have eternal life through Him.

His sacrifice is a free gift offered to all who would humbly reach out to accept it.  We must believe in our heart that He paid the sin penalty in full for you and me...that we are forever lost without Him...and that anything we attempt to do of ourselves to earn salvation, or to make ourselves more worthy in the eyes of God, is all for nothing.

His salvation offer requires that we place our complete faith and trust in Him alone...that we ask forgiveness and repent of our sin-filled life...and that we invite Him into our life, changing us into the person He would have us be.  Finally, we must boldly declare before others that Jesus is Lord of all.

Jesus said that He is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life.  He alone holds heaven’s reservation for you and me, but we must deliberately reach out to receive it.  Without it, no one will enter through heaven's gate.
Are you absolutely certain you have your reservation?  You must be very sure!


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Bombus Hypnorum said...

Hello Don.
Sometimes I wonder about that question. Do I have a place with G-d in the hereafter? Or am I to be seperated for ever from His Light and Love? Now that is a terrible thought!
I will read the Gospels again, because I quote often from both the Old and New Testaments. I still find Chrisianity a bit puzzling, although I don't deny that Jesus existed and was a brilliant man. But are we not all the sons and daughters of The Almighty. I also feel in my heart that G-d will forgive people for some things as long sads they are righteous at heart
Very best wishes,


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