Sunday, August 19, 2012


As we struggle through the storms that seem to come upon us almost daily in this life, our eyes must be firmly fixed on Jesus to carry us through the dark valleys. As never before, we must walk hand in hand with Him...we must talk with Him...and we must listen to His voice as He leads the way.

Father, thank You for the privilege we have of sharing with You during our times of sadness, discouragement, and thanksgiving, too. Thank You for being there where we are, and for Your mighty hand of strength, healing, and comfort in our times of need. Lead us, Lord, in the way You would have for us...for we are weak and worn from the storms. Keep us safe and secure in the shelter of Your arms, and never let us go. Search our hearts, O Lord, and if any wicked way be found there, flood our hearts and souls with Your cleansing power as You have promised to do for Your own. Teach us to lean on You and depend on You in all things, that we would cast aside our concerns of life. Thank You, Father, for Your salvation freely offered to all who would believe. We pray that many would do that...even today. We love You, and desire to serve You with everything within us for Your honor and glory. I ask and pray these things in the precious Name of Jesus...that Name above all names. Amen!


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Mid Stutsman said...

we get several comments sent to our email on these postings, for which I am grateful. All have been an affirmation of what the Lord leads us to present. So, Amen, Don... this is our prayer as well!!


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