Monday, April 16, 2012


This writing is my contribution to the excellent theme recently posted by Mid on her blog titled, "Warning!!"

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And, warn we must! The urgent message needs to be shouted from the rooftops for all to hear and understand.



With the 2012 elections only a few months away, it is obvious that the DFL candidate will be Obama seeking a second term, and his GOP challenger will probably be Romney. The USA is facing serious domestic issues as well as major issues on the world scene that are unprecedented in our history. This election will likely be the most important election of all time.

During Obama’s 3 ½ years in office, he has effectively and systematically dismantled the U.S. Constitution destroying many of our freedoms, and has weakened our position as a world power. In short, Obama has changed the role of president from one of leadership for the people, of the people, and by the people…to one of a controlling dictatorship. Although he claims to be a Christian, the God of the Bible has no place in his administration. His allegiance is clearly with demonic Islam. Obama’s attitude is that he will easily win the election, and if he does, I believe that during the next four years, we might witness the nail that could seal the USA’s coffin lid.

On the other hand, Romney is another Obama type…except that he wears a different mask to deceive the blind public. Romney also claims to be Christian, but he is an elite, dedicated member of the Mormon cult…having taken a solemn oath in a Mormon Temple pledging to follow its theologies, principles, values, and demands above all else for the establishment of Zion and world-wide domination for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In other words, his Mormon religious commitment must trump the Office of President to govern all decisions.

Both candidates claim the label of Christianity, but their definition of “Christian” is contrary to scriptural teaching. The men are godless agents of Satan working to destroy true Biblical Christianity. How can Biblical Christians cast a God-honoring vote from that mess? Obama must be voted out of office, but the alternative is not pretty. What would Jesus do? Would He bless a Bible believing Christian’s vote to blindly support another heathen for the presidency? I think not!

I believe that all Bible believing Christians must adhere to a “Biblical Worldview” as presented in Scripture…opposed to the popular “Secular Worldview” followed by almost everyone today. Sadly, most people don’t know the difference. If that describes you, then, you are embracing the “Secular Worldview” position by default…whether you claim the Christian label or not. Neither one of the candidates has a clue about a “Biblical Worldview”, nor, do they care.

It has been said that by not voting, or by voting for a third party candidate, it would, in effect, be casting a vote for Obama. That might be so, but we must also remember that in spite of the odds, our choice must be God-honoring above all else. He is in control of all, and has already selected the one who will win to lead the USA in its unique role toward fulfillment of His prophetic plan for humanity.

First and foremost, a Bible believing Christian must pray for Godly discernment and direction. We must vote for a candidate, third party or otherwise, who would most likely embrace a God ordained “Biblical Worldview” for leading our country. In the privacy of the voting booth, your vote will be known only to you and God. Choose wisely for Him!


Mid Stutsman said...

Thank you, Don! While we don't have to seek out confirmation of what the Lord gives, it sure is nice to get them! This is such an important message...sadly, many won't receive it, having fallen for the mainstream media and even sadder, church position on this. Churches are wanting to "dialogue" with Mormons, without really digging deep into their heretical beliefs. Islam and Mormonism is the same in God's eyes for they both deny Jesus' true deity and oneness with God. My prayer is that many will wake up and allow God to show them the Truth!

Don said...

Amen, Mid!

That is my prayer as well.



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