Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bible Prophesy: Israel Discovers More Oil

By Joel C. Rosenberg
From, Joel's WordPress Blog:
(Denver, Colorado, December 30, 2010) -- If you've been tracking the historic discoveries of natural gas and oil in Israel in recent years -- and the intriguing connection of these discoveries to ancient Bible prophecy -- then you will likely be interested in this week's headlines:


* Haaretz: Largest natural gas reserve discovered in Israel worth approximately $95 billion - More than 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered off Haifa shore in joint U.S.-Israeli drilling operation

* Agence France Presse: Israel has enough gas 'to become exporter'

In my first non-fiction book, "Epicenter," published in 2006, I included a chapter entitled, "Future Headline: Israel Discovers Massive Reserves of Oil, Gas." The chapter described a trail of prophetic clues found in the Hebrew Scriptures that some believe (myself included) indicate that in the "last days" the nation of Israel will be blessed by discovering huge reserves of petroleum that will make Israel quite wealthy.

Those clues suggest Israel will be able to "dip his foot in oil" and draw "oil from the flinty rock." The Jewish people will find "hidden treasures in the sand" and an "abundance of the seas." This newfound wealth in the last days will certainly be a blessing for Israel, but it will also draw enemies and may very well help trigger the "War of Gog and Magog" when the nations ask the leaders of the Russian-Iranian alliance that comes against the Jewish state, "Have you come to capture spoil [from Israel]? Have you assembled your [military forces] to seize plunder, to carry away silver and gold….to capture a great spoil?"

The trail of clues can be found in the following Bible verses:

*Genesis 49:1
*Genesis 49:25
*Deuteronomy 33:13
*Deuteronomy 33:19
*Deuteronomy 33:24
*Deuteronomy 32:12-13
*Isaiah 45:3
*Ezekiel 38:8-13

Are such prophecies now coming to pass? Are such headlines further evidence that we are living in the "last days" before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ? It's a story worth keeping an eye on, to be sure.

Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua


Don said...

I am one who believes the Gog Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39 is likely to be triggered in large part due to Israel's discovery of huge petroleum reserves. Many nations have a horrendous appetite for petroleum, and it's rapidly increasing. They must have access to it, for their survival is at stake.

The temptation to take Israel's new-found discovery will be too irresistible to ignore. Of course, we know the outcome of that war, don't we?


Mid Stutsman said...

So true!!! And my inner man yearns more and more for this to all come to pass and usher in the Lord's victorious return to set up His Kingdom in Israel-Jerusalem!

T.G. said...

I find it extremely interesting that as more and more nations fall into the "green energy" farce the more they rely on the energy resources of nations who don't. Could it be that that is why these nations i.e the USA especially, are becoming more antagonistic toward Israel and more pro Palestinian? Israel has the resources and technology the rest of the middle east needs. Why should I use my resources when I can use someone else.

Mid Stutsman said...

Good point!


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