Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama intends to impose new peace plan

Israel Today Headline News

The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that US President Barack Obama is seriously considering imposing a new comprehensive peace plan on Israel and the Palestinians in six months.

According to the report, Obama asked a room full of his own and past presidential advisors last month what they thought about introducing a new peace proposal. They all are said to have backed the idea, so long as the plan is based on previous US-authored peace plans, such as the Wye River Accords, the "Road Map" and the Annapolis understandings.

Israeli media noted that this approach would be a reversal of how Obama has gone about overseeing Middle East peace so far. Up until now, the Obama Administration has tried to squeeze concessions from Israel and, to a lesser degree, the Palestinians in an effort to get both sides to sit down and hammer out a deal between themselves.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains strongly opposed to an imposed peace plan, and is not likely to be very welcoming of Obama's efforts. But the thinking is that Obama may tie Israel's acceptance of the new plan to stronger action against Iran's nuclear program.

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In my opinion, Israel must not be backed into a corner through any kind of forced peace agreement. However, we know from Daniel 9:27 that the AC will confirm a covenant with many - involving Israel, and whether that nation has agreed to it or not.

Note: I'm not saying that Obama is the AC, or, that the "new imposed peace plan" is the one spoken of in Daniel, but events taking place today are food for thought.


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