Monday, November 9, 2009

Israel planning cell phone rocket alerts

This is a great idea! It's my understanding that the Israelis are second only to the US in technology. With rockets raining on them daily, new and accurate warning systems are absolutely necessary. Praying it will be in place soon.


Israel is working on a warning system that will calculate the precise location of where a rocket will hit and alert residents in the area using cell phones, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

"The rocket sensor will create a virtual ellipse (of the predicted impact zone) and all phones in that area will receive a warning," the Jerusalem Post quoted Chilik Soffer, a senior official at the Israeli Home Front Command, as saying.

"We will use communications technology to send the signals and we are now working with the communications ministry to make the alert available," he said.

The alert will come in as a vibration, audio alert, light flash or text message, he added.

The aim is to make more specific the air raid systems that Israel currently has in communities near the border with Lebanon and Gaza, which have in the past come under regular rocket fire from Hezbollah and Palestinian militant groups.

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