Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Your Destroyers Will Come Out of Your Own Midst

Permission to reprint From Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center
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Your Destroyers Will Come Out of Your Own Midst

When I read in The Jerusalem Post (July 22) the dangerous and ridiculous words of Debra DeLee, the President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now; knowing that she has a willing ally in White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who is also a strong supporter of Peace Now's self-destructive folly: I realize that the ancient verse: "Your destroyers will come out of your own midst" is dangerously true of the reality today.

This is what DeLee dares write in her Obama-supporting article:

"Obviously, the Palestinians should take steps to show that they are serious about peace negotiations and Arab governments should do their part to support peace efforts, and the president is pushing on these fronts. But what the Arabs do or not do doesn't change what Israel should do.

We at Americans for Peace Now, and our friends at Israel's Peace Now movement, believe that for the sake of its security, stability and long-term well being, Israel should immediately reverse the settlement enterprise. And now, particularly now, instead of seeking "shticks and tricks" to evade a settlement freeze-in the words of New York Congressman Gary Ackerman, a staunch friend of Israel-Netanyahu should do whatever it takes to take advantage of the opportunity that Obama proposes."

DeLee, who writes about her "experience with the Democratic Party (She was chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee) and with Chicago politics" must have had, and still has, a close working relationship with Obama and of course Emanuel.

So here we have the true picture: self-hating Jews pushing the Goyim to force Israel according to their self-destructive, anti-Israel agenda to make concessions that with out doubt would lead to Israel's destruction.

Listen to the foolish and self-destructive advice to her fellow Jews, "her Israeli friends:"

"What the Arabs do or do not do doesn't change what Israel should do."

In short this is 'honest' advice for Israel to be willing to commit suicide, all in the interests of the so-called peace dream of the Israeli left. For when there will be no more Israel there of course will be peace - peace not of "the brave," as Arafat cruelly named the process once, but the peace of Israel's grave. And this brought about - as in history before - by self-destructive Jews themselves.

How happy the Gentile Obamas and Solanas must be for such 'helpful' Jews!

So here, maliciously, in the name of 'a peace' that will lead to Israel's destruction - wrapped in the beautiful sounding "we say it to you as friends in all honesty" - Israel is being told not just by her bitter enemies but also by her self-hating Jews to freeze all settlements. And these include those quarters in unified Jerusalem, which is for these turncoats still occupied territory. Israel must be ready to withdraw without waiting for any reciprocity from their sworn enemies. And those enemies will certainly use these abandoned areas to establish their third, Jihad-inspired terrorist state (after Hamas in Gaza and the Hizbullah in Lebanon) from which to finish off what will be left of Israel.

It was as the late Arafat, in a rare moment of honesty, confided to a reporter for the Dutch paper Trouw: "Peace for us means the destruction of Israel and to that peace process even some Jews are willing to lend their hand."

Baruch atem b'Shem, Yeshua

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