Saturday, January 10, 2009

Concerning the Children in Gaza

Let me get this straight: The liberal media and masses who hate Israel are condemning Jews for the loss of the lives of children in Gaza, who, by the way, are often used by Hamas as shields and are taught to hate Jews and to be martyrs from age two up. These same people support and come to the aid of women who daily, intentionally, kill their own offspring through abortion for no other reason than that they don't want them and want to keep living their immoral lifestyles, which usually means more abortions... Do I have this right?

Oh, the Liberal mindset of hypocrisy and inconsistency!!!!!! It is a privilege and right to intentionally kill your child through abortion, but if a child is accidentally killed by Jews defending themselves, it's a war crime!!

Tell me the world isn't insane!!

These are the pictures the Biased Media will show you:

These are the ones they won't:

And they won't show you these images from Sderot, the Israeli town bombarded by Hamas in the thousands:

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